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Bill Rose is an independent consultant since leaving his position as the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)’s vice president of services research and the chairperson of TSIA’s Support Services Advisory Board.
For almost two decades, Bill has served as an energetic and articulate advocate for the service and support industry. The founder of the Service and Support Professionals Association (SSPA) in 1989 and its chief executive for 15 years, Bill has over the last decade emerged as a global expert on best practices within the industry, and as a leading authority on ways to heighten efficiencies while at the same time building customer loyalty. Perhaps more than any other single individual, Bill is responsible for service and support becoming a highly valued, mission-critical department within the structure of Global 2000 enterprises.
Bill is also a widely acclaimed international speaker, and has authored a number of influential guides, including Managing Software Support, Automating Your Support Center, and Taking Charge of Your Support Center, in addition to hundreds of industry articles. He has also been recognized as an "Industry Champion" by the CRM industry and as a "Call Center Pioneer" by Call Center Magazine.
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